Bon Gre Corporation | Cleaning And Sanitation Products Supplier

We Are

BON GRE CORPORATION was incorporated on November 5, 1996. Guided by the corporate vision to be a partner of its customers in food safety, the company introduced quality cleaning tools approved by regulatory agencies and certified by independent laboratories.

The company is the exclusive distributor of HAUG BURSTEN hygienic brushes and cleaning implements– known worldwide for its superior quality, durability and ergonomic design. In addition, Bon Gre Corporation also supplies a wide range of other cleaning products for food and sanitation needs. These includes brooms catering to sanitation and food safety such as gloves, aprons and other items for food and personal protection.

BON GRE products are designed to support customers’ need for tools with Food-industry approval, Capacity for color-coding, Value for money.

Today, BON GRE CORPORATION has evolved to becoming a trusted cleaning tools and solutions provider for customers in food and beverage manufacturing, meat processing, commissaries and catering services, restaurant and food services, hospitality, and cleaning contracting.

Truly, a partner in food safety.